"Act" implies "action" – winegrowers acting responsibly, not only at their estate, but in the context of their region.

They contribute to regional promotion and development. They seek to fit lastingly into their region, paying attention to the needs of others.
Seeing as a vineyard cannot be delocalised, winegrower take advantage of what their region has to offer and do their utmost to contribute to it, without expecting anything other than their own sustainability in return. That is because an estate's future can also depend on the dynamism and quality of life offered by the region based on the principle of accountability. People and interaction with others are at the heart of their approach.

Here are 5 examples of responsible winegrowers:

“Château Larose Trintaudon's social responsibility is an endless journey".

Stéphane Mathieu
Director of AFNOR for the Aquitaine region

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